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The Moon Arcana Social Link is represented by Ai Ebihara, a student of Yasogami High School in Persona 4. The Social Link can be initiated once the protagonist attends the Strength Arcana Social Link to a sufficient Level. Furthermore, the protagonist's Courage must reach at least Lv. 3 to initiate the Social Link In order to unlock the Moon Social Link you'll need to raise your Magician Social Link with your classmate Kenji a little bit until he mentions the Gourmet King. Once Kenji tells you about this guy you'll be able to find him in the Paulownia Mall sitting on the bench by the fountain. He's the really chubby kid

Nozomi is the Moon Arcana Social Link. He appears at Paulownia Mall every weekday. In the enhanced version of the game featured in Persona 3 FES, he is also available on weekends, holidays, and during the week before exams [HD] [PSP] Persona 3 Portable [Female] - Social Link - (Moon) - Part 2 - Duration: 14:11. RandomPl0x 37,777 views. 14:11 [3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Opening - Duration: 1:38.

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  1. There are only three Social Links that will automatically level up as you progress through the game. The first is The Fool, which represents the SEES Social Link between you and everyone that lives in the dorm. The Social Link goes up a level every time you and the party defeat a boss representing the major Arcana
  2. download persona 3 fes moon social link guide. File name: manual_id240133.pdf Downloads today: 260 Total downloads: 8944 File rating: 7.30 of 10 File size: ~2 M
  3. You should definitely have a Persona of the same Arcana as the social link you're meeting by the third time you meet them, second rank to be safe. For example, you don't need a Lovers persona for Lovers 1, but starting from Lovers 2 or 3, you definitely should have a Lovers persona in your party. For some links like Fool and Death that level up automatically, you don't need matching.
  4. <>-----<> <><>Persona 3 FES, Round One Max Social Link Walkthrough<><> <>by Penguin Knight<> <>-----<> FOREWORD-----<> This guide is translated and written by Penguin_Knight I have gathered, translated, interpreted, and typeset this written guide for players who do not understand Japanese, but are interested in understanding how to maximize all.
  5. The Moon Arcana is one of the more hidden away s-links in Persona 4 Golden, as you'll have to progress a bit of the way into another storyline in order to kick off the Ai Ebihara social link.
  6. Read the video description:Use the HD button when the option is available.You can also put &fmt=18 at the end of the url for High Quality.Enjoy
  7. ----- Persona 3 FES, Round One Max Social Link Walkthrough by Penguin Knight ----- FOREWORD----- This guide is translated and written by Penguin_Knight I have gathered, translated, interpreted.

so i got persona 3 fes at gamestop and so far im at the part where a full moon will happen in a couple days and i beat the boss on floor 14. Only problem is that i only have 3 social links. the SEES group, old people at a book store, and the one with a student in my class The Magician Social Link is one of the first ones you'll gain access to in Persona 3. It is tied to your classmate Kenji Tomochika who you can find in your classroom on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There's no special requirements to begin this Social Link The confidant of the Moon social link is Yuuki Mishima. The Moon arcana represents creativity, dreams, inspiration, and the subconscious. Through your journey, ranking up the Moon arcana will..

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Persona 4 Golden PC Social Link Guide: Moon (Ai Ebihara) By Adam Beck on June 13, 2020 << Return to the Main Social Link Hub >> *Values highlighted in red are optimal choices. * All values are. By Renan Fontes Published Nov 25, 2019 Persona is well known for its slice of elements, most notably the Social Link mechanic- a system that allows players to befriend a few set NPCs with dialogue options & gameplay benefits- but Social Links weren't introduced into the series until Persona 3 Attend the Strength Social Link, until it reaches Rank 4. You'll see a cutscene involving Ai. From now on you can find Ai at the School Lobby, talk to her, she'll ask you if wanted to skip class with her. (You need a LV 3 Courage in order to skip classes). Accept her request on the next day, she'll ask you to skip classes on lunch break Persona 3 first came out in July of 2006 and is largely credited for sparking the series' popularity outside of Japan.With a few different versions out there, your experience with the game will differ slightly, depending on which you played through. One thing that's more or less the same is the Social Link mechanic the game introduced Persona 3 and Persona 5 are both great in their own right, so you can't go wrong here, but here's why I decided with Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, and how you can unlock all Social events

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Adachi's Social Link, Jester, runs on a weird schedule and is only available day or night, depending on your rank. His cut-off date is in November, so it's important to talk to him when you're able.. Persona 4 Golden Sun Social Link Guide. Much as in the Fellow Athletes (Strength) s-link, the Sun social link with Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga is a branching choice where you'll get to know. Walkthrough 5.) Bosses 6.) Social Links 7.) Credits/Thanks 8.) Version History ===== 1.) Introduction ===== Howdy and welcome to my guide for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. I've been a fan of the.

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  1. Shinjiro represents the Social Link of the Moon Arcana (月, Tsuki), representing a source of fear and false illusions, in Persona 3 Portable, if the player is controlling the female protagonist. At the end of the Social Link, the female protagonist finds Shinjiro's watch that he lost. Upon giving him the watch, Shinjiro will survive the fatal shooting from Takaya in the October 4th event, but.
  2. PERSONA 3 PORTABLE SOCIAL LINK GUIDE (FEMALE MC) JP version By SalmonCake Version 1.2 +++++ GUIDE +++++ 04.22 quiz game quiz game 04.23 Magician 1 [Junpei, location- classroom] Tartaros 04.24 Chariot 1 [Rio, location- 2nd floor hallway or club room] horror game 04.25 Hierophant 1 [Old couple, location- bookstore at Iwatodai station] quiz game 04.26 Hierophant 2 [1, 1, any, 2, any] cafe 04.27.
  3. g Forum. 1; 2; 3; Next. 1 of 3 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Orbit. Banned. Nov 21, 2018 1,328. May 1, 2019 #1 Sorry to post a random thread but I had NO idea that for the girls s. links they automatically lead to romance without you having any say as a player. Like, I came.
  4. This article only covers the 22 Social Links in Persona 3: FES. I might write a future article about Persona 3: Portable at some point, but that time isn't now. I'm going to break down each Social Link in Persona 3 under two criteria: Character and Personae. The Character ratings are how much I enjoyed the dialog of the Social Link. Basically good scores if I found the plot of the Social Link.

Persona 3, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, is a 2006 role-playing video game developed by Atlus.It is the fourth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. The game was originally released by Atlus for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in July 2006; the North American release of the game was delayed until 2007 due to issues with the. After a little under a month of working on Persona 3 FES The Journey Walkthrough FAQ, it has been completed. Within are all the correct answers for the social links, all 100 Elizabeth Request guides, Boss strategies, and additional FES content in the Journey has been documented along the way like the nightly walks with Koromaru to meet social links, find items, and so on Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Persona 3 portable moon social link guide The new features include an additional female hero as well as some gameplay adjustments introduced in Persona 4. For the character index from Persona 3, see here. The full Persona character index can be found on this page. You can fight monsters, collect entities called persona, uncover secrets, form social connections with classmates, and best of all.

Persona 3 Portable FMC Social LInks. a guest . Jun 28th, 2018. 102 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 5.51 KB . raw download clone embed print report. Social Links Fool - SEES Earliest Date - 20/April Days to Ecounter/Time of Day - None. Persona 3 hierophant social link guide The school needs to have a leaf from a tree in the yard next to the gym. First available on Monday Saturday on April 25. He's located on a bookinsect in Iavtomatakranak Odayi station. Level 1:2: Tell him > Thanks > Some x3Ranking 3: Looking for something somewhere? > I'll help you look at anything > 4: Anything x2 > Now, you have me the.

Dec 30, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by prinny god. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Persona 3 Portable Guide Thursday, March 10, 2011. P3P Persona Fusion List by Level If you would could you click on the advertisement on this page, it helps me out and all you have to do is click on it. The ad is hosted by adsense. Please and thank you. P3P Persona Fusion List by Level. LV. Name. Arcana. Recipe. 1. Orpheus. Fool. FO-Slime + FO-Legion. 2. Pixie. Lovers. LV-Alp + LV-Narcissus. 3. Link to post Share on other sites. DuckSwimmer 1,363 Dance, Persona~! Premium Member; 1,363 1,176 posts; Location: New York; Posted June 4, 2018. 8 hours ago, Firestorm_ZERO said: Support 7 - Clear a song with no scratches 9 - Do the tutorial about Play Customization Challenges 2 - Clear a song with Speed set at 7 3 - Clear a song with Speed set at 1 9 - Akihiko 8th Commu 10 - Do the tutorial. Persona 3 was released in July 2006, August 2007 or February 2008 depending on where you live. It's a pretty drat good game, and I'm pretty sure if you're reading this you've probably played it and enjoyed it. Or haven't played it at all. Or played it and hated it. That works too. It has had a couple updated rereleases (FES(tival) for the PS2 and Portable for the PSP), a manga, a 4 show stage. LOL art Sketch Persona 3 Persona mc fes p3p persona 3 portable social link

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Font Awesome 4 is so 2017. Upgrade to version 5 and get twice the icons I'm about five hours in and really loving it, but I'm not sure, like the title says, how important Social Link bonuses are when fusing to unlock new He gets along well with others, Junpei Iori and Ryoji Mochizuki in particular, despite not having Social Links with them in the game. In Persona 3 The Movie, Makoto is similar to his game appearance, but less cruel. He comes off as a loner, and Yukari Takeba mentions she thinks he is creepy. His neutral and blank nature makes him come off as somewhat unpredictable, as there is an exact 50/50.

Persona 4 golden margaret social link guide FlagView HistoryThe Empress Arcana is given a bonus from the Margaret Social Link. Margaret's social link is unique in that you can do it all at once. To start the social link, you must have Lv.3 Knowledge. You can start her S. Link on March 3rd by visiting the Velvet Room. To progress Margaret's S. Link you need to present her with the persona she. A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade. Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth (DLC) (USA).cia: 25-Sep-2020 21:17: 301.2M : Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth (USA).cia: 17-Sep-2020 22:32: 1.7G: Persona Q2 - New Cinema Labyrinth (EUR).cia: 31-Aug-2020 22:03: 2.7G: Persona Q2 - New Cinema Labyrinth (USA).cia: 17-Sep-2020 23:17: 2.7G: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney. Persona 4 golden guide max social link Below is the Forum Post: News from Japan: Final Fantasy meets Everybody's Golf, Persona 3 & 5 dance games get social links, New, don't miss our other great forum posts. Browse posts by: Recent Activity: Category: Locations: Top Posts: Best Posts: VG247 RSS Feed User Rank: 1 ♥ Posts: 6,682 Responses: 0. News from Japan: Final Fantasy meets Everybody's Golf, Persona 3 & 5 dance games get. << Return to the Main Social Link Hub >> *Values highlighted in red are optimal choices. * All values are with a Persona of the same Arcana in your possession

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Persona 3 FES - Max Social Link - Strength Arcana (Yuko Nishiwaki) 1626. Added 6 years ago 49 in funny GIF Persona 3 FES - Max Social Link - Strength Arcana (Yuko Nishiwaki) 1600. Added 6 years ago 49 in funny GIF

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Frage: Wie kann ich feststellen, ob mein Social-Club-Konto verifiziert ist? Wie kann ich es verifizieren, wenn es das noch nicht ist?Antwort: Wenn du dich für den Social Club registrierst erhältst du eine E-Mail, die einen Link enthält, der zur Verifizierung besucht werden muss. Die Verifizierung des Kontos berechtigt dich zur Teilnahme an Promo-Aktionen und ermöglicht dir die. Wenn ich mich nicht irre kann der Social Link mit Mitsuru erst recht spät (so ab 50 Spielstunden) richtig ausgebaut werden, also keine Panik - mach erst mal die normalen Social Links wie das Pärchen und Chihiro und achte darauf einen richtigen Zeitplan zu haben. Fixiere dich auf gewisse Links und maximier diese. Ich hab nämlich das Gefühl, dass man so mehr Fortschritt macht. Persona 3 Portable by Feinne ‹ Part #36 Part #38 › Return to LP Index. Part 37: 6/5/09 6/5/09 Well, today was the day we were going to talk about this ghost story again. Let's talk about it some more tonight Sounds fun! Yep, I heard some interesting stories Don't forget, okay? Junpei'd already forgotten, somehow. Did you two ask around, like we said? Huh? We had something. Wenn Sie den Link bereits angeklickt haben, schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail an info@moodle.de mit dem Wunsch, Ihren Nutzerzugang zu löschen. Wir benötigen dazu zumindest Ihren Namen und die E-Mail, unter der Sie sich registriert haben. Bitte senden Sie uns diese Mail von dem Mailaccount, den Sie zur Registrierung verwendet haben. Die Löschung erfolgt von Zeit zu Zeit meist innerhalb von vier.

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Breaking Social Link with Ai - Persona 4 Golden. RPG WORLD. 115. 0 0 Published 10 months ago. Check it out the other personas videos. Category. Gaming. Debug. 0. Advertisement. 58:24 [HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden - The True Culprit by RandomPl0x 340,598 views; 10:50 Persona 3: FES. Persona 3 Portable Social link schedule . ʝącơცცცც | Jacobbbb 11/19/17 . 45. 5. Hello! As per request, here is the P3 social link schedule! Some of them are repeated in the female's SLinks, but it's because their schedule changed. Please don't repost! (Do keep in mind this is not a guide, just the times available!) Both/Male protag: Fool- automatic. Death, Pharos- automatic. A diverse world is ready for you to explore. In-game or on Social Club, share photos from your travels and discover content shared by the rest of the community. Robust Stat Tracking. Whether you're discovering Grand Theft Auto V or traversing the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, track your progress on the Rockstar Games Social Club. View your. Snapchat lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Life's more fun when you live in the moment Auto-Delete, Widgets and Expiring Invite Links. a new era of messaging. Telegram for Android. Telegram for iPhone / iPad. Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux Browse more Telegram apps. Telegram for PC/Mac/Linux Telegram for macOS. Recent News. Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats, New Web Versions. This update brings Payments 2.0 for all Telegram chats, Scheduling and Mini Profiles for Voice.

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Edit Share This article covers information about the Star Social Link, Akihiko Sanada, including events featured in Persona 3 Portable. Exclusive to the female protagonist's route, the Star Social Link in the male protagonist's route is instead Mamoru Hayase. The female protagonist can start Akihiko's Social Link after defeating the Priestess Shadow on the second Full Moon. To initiate his. Das Portal Mitarbeiterservice Bayern ist als Teil der Digitalisierungsstrategie der Bayerischen Staatsregierung der Einstiegspunkt zu den digitalen Antrags- und Auskunftsverfahren für die Beschäftigten des Freistaates Bayern

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